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Taskmaster Rubicon Trigger TP

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Taskmaster has murdered S.H.I.E.L.D.s Maria Hill! Or at least thats what the whole world thinks. Now the greatest spies in the business are hunting him down and wont stop until the Taskmaster is dead or can clear his own name! So begins a globe-spanning adventure that will send ripples through the Marvel Universes espionage community. Taskmasters next target? Phil Coulson! But Coulson isnt alone in Washington D.C. hes got the entire Squadron Supreme of America on speed dial! And when Taskmasters hunt brings him to South Korea, hell have to go toe-to-toe with the White Fox! His next stop is sunny Wakanda home to Okoye and the feared Dogs of War! Can the Taskmaster find the doomsday device that Maria Hill died to protect? Or will he be played by the true mastermind behind it all? Collecting TASKMASTER (2020) #1-5. Rated T+