Star Trek Key Collection TP 02

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Collecting the original Gold Key Star Trek comics! Volume 2 reprints issues #9-16 (circa 1971-72). Features the original Enterprise crew - Kirk, Spock, Sulu, McCoy, and the rest - in unique Trek adventures scripted by acclaimed writer Len Wein. Volume 3 transports Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, and Sulu into perilous adventures available nowhere else! Included here are the stories "The Cosmic Caveman," "The Hijacked Planet," and "The Haunted Asteroid." Volume 4 compiles issues #24 through #33, collecting the stories "Ice Journey," "Death of a Star," "The Final Truth," and more! Volume 5 collects issue # 33-40. Pioneering comic book artist Al McWilliams (Flash Gordon, Sergeant Spook) lends his talents. Story titles include "The Psychocrystals," "A Bomb in Time," "Furlough to Fury," and more!