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Originals Essential Ed Hardcover

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(W/A/CA) Dave Gibbons. Deluxe oversized edition of the Eisner Award-winning mod sci-fi coming-of-age graphic novel from Dave Gibbons* co-creator of Watchmen. Includes 32 pages of never-before-seen development art* process pieces* and behind the scenes extras-all annotated by Gibbons. In a retro-futuristic city of industrial gray where hover scooters* music* and drugs rule the street* the Originals are the toughest* most stylish gang around. For two childhood friends* nothing is more important than being one of them. But being part of the crowd will bring its own deadly consequences. o The only graphic novel that Dave Gibbons has written and drawn. An Eisner Award winner! o Extra material included in this oversized edition highlighting artwork* with annotations by Gibbons.