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Blackstone Fortress: Ascension Core Set

Blackstone Fortress: Ascension Core Set

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You’ve opened the Hidden Vault, raided the lair of the Dreaded Ambull, defeated Obsidius Mallex (twice) and fought all the Chaos and xenos enemies the Blackstone Fortress has thrown at you. Now, it’s time for the grand finale… Ascension is the spectacular final act of the Blackstone Fortress saga, and like any good ending, it’s gonna be explosive… The Fortress is awakening, Precipice is in peril, and the explorers must band together to prevent all they’ve worked for from being destroyed. Ascension gives you a different way to play, as you race through the ever-changing corridors of the Blackstone Fortress in search of a way to shut it down and stop Obsidius Mallex once and for all. This massive expansion will bring you new adventures, new rewards and new enemies, such as these Guardian Drones. Blackstone Fortress: Ascension contains loads of new cards and surprises for your adventures, as well as the biggest reward for completing a quest EVER, so get your explorers ready, they’ll need to be for what lies ahead.