Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Trade Paperback Goblins Last Stand

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The tension-torn adventures of comics most put-upon super hero, the Amazing Spider-Man, continue! Stan Lee, John Romita Sr., Gil Kane and Gerry Conway bring you new creations like the Gibbon and the return of iconic adversaries like Doctor Octopus and Kraven the Hunter! Its enough excitement to give a hero an ulcer and it does! Spidey also teams up with Doctor Strange against a mystic threat, goes toe-to-toe in a fight against the Incredible Hulk and faces Hammerhead the only gangster with more steel in his dome than in his gun! The drama reaches its peak when the Green Goblin kidnaps Gwen Stacy in the story that shocked a generation and cemented the Goblins name as the definition of evil. Dont miss this seminal chapter in Spideys history! Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #105-123. Rated T