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DC Comics Future State

A direct sequel to Dark Nights: Death Metal, Future State is a possible future that showcases the legacy of the heroes of the Justice League in the near future. The major heroes Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman will see younger heroes follow in their example and don their mantle.

The event will consist of 24 titles, which will be published from January to February 2021 except for Future State: Superman Vs. Imperious Lex, whose last issue will be published in March. It begins in year 2025 as Batman and Superman go after the mercenary force Magistrate, hired by Gotham City's Mayor Christopher Nakano to hunt down all vigilantes and super-villains. The heroes' attempt fails and Batman is later apparently killed, allowing Magistrate to turn the city into a police state. Batman survived but is forced to go underground, while his mantle is taken over by a mysterious successor.

Meanwhile, the Flash Family's powers start being stolen by unknown forces and they are forced to battle Wally West, possessed by a mysterious entity that had been trapped inside the Speed Force. In 2027, Bruce Wayne finally confronts Magistrate's leader Peacekeeper One. By 2027, the Titans Tower, where the original Teen Titans trained young superheroes, is destroyed. They turn to their former pupil Red X for help. The destruction of the Titans Tower causes Raven to turn evil, forcing world's mightiest mortal Shazam to finally intervene against her in 2029.

In 2030, magicians are being hunted down with the Justice League Dark mounting a fight-back against the Crow King Merlin. Meanwhile, the new Aquaman Jackson Hyde and Andy Curry's guardian, gets imprisoned on Neptune. Superman has left Earth to fight an existential threat by this time and entrusted safety of Earth to his son Jonathan Samuel Kent, who becomes the new Superman. After an attack by a new Brainiac, Jon decided to shrink Metropolis into a bottle. This leaves the Manhattan Guardian and the new Mister Miracle Shilo Norman stranded there.

Amanda Waller sets up her own Justice League on Earth 3, headed by the Superman Conner Kent, to save her world and remake it as she wants. This leads the new Suicide Squad under Peacemaker to try to apprehend her. Nubia, the original champion of Paradise Island, has settled in "Man's World" and has become the new Wonder Woman, in order to protect humanity. Later on Warworld, Clark Kent battles as a gladiator, so he can eventually liberate the planet from its ruler, Mongul's son. Norman accidentally lands on the planet after escaping Metropolis, while Midnighter hunts for a power source greater than Kryptonite to help Clark overthrow Warworld's ruler.

By 2040, the heroes Aquawoman (Andy), Jon Kent, the new Wonder Woman Yara Flor, Green Lantern Jo Muellin and the mysterious new Batman have formed the "Justice League". The team gets exiled from Earth after their enemies are murdered. Earth is however soon attacked by a past opponent of theirs. By 2050, Superwoman Kara Zor-El has left Earth and established a colony on Earth's Moon for refugee aliens expelled or unable to seek shelter on Earth. The arrival of Lynari soon threatens this colony, as shape-shifting aliens come looking for her. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor has established his rule on the planet Lexor. Clark and his wife Lois Lane try to take the egocentric ruler down and free the planet, whose masses are being fooled by Lex's propaganda.

Yara Flor travels to the Underworld in 2050, after the god Hades kidnaps an Amazon from Themyscira. In 2070, Jon and Yara unite to take down an evil robot sun and an ancient solar deity threatening the world. By the year 3000, Superman is one of the few heroes from 21st Century still alive and is the patriarch of the reconstituted House of El, now consisting of Jon's descendants—the new Superman Rowan Kent and his twin sister, the Blue Lantern Ronan, as well as the half-Tamaranean Theand'r Ban-El, among others. The family finds itself under attack by the Red King. The Legion of Super-Heroes has meanwhile disbanded and the United Planets disbands soon as well, after Ultra Boy tries to reconstitute his former team and one of the Legionnaires betrays them.

In the year 4500, Swamp Thing has become the ruler of Earth, after the human population was devastated by a war. The surviving humans under Woodrue Wilson decide to overthrow him, leading Swamp Thing to decide to go to war as well. Black Adam rules the planet of Kahndaq in 82,020 and is forced to save all reality from a former hero. The event concludes at the "end of time", with Diana still surviving while most of her friends and fellow Amazons are dead. As the "Undoing" of the universe begins, Diana races against time to stop whatever is behind it.

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